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i’m so delighted. Though we are not Catholics and we dont have any connections, my child has successfully gained entry into a reputable school in causeway Bay. Thanks to FUN THINKERS pre-examination training

says Mr Lee (Taikoo Shing)

My Domestic Helper can play FUN THINKERS with my daughter, relieving some of my pressure

says Chistina (central)

Its difficult for my child to concentrate on reading. He could hardly sit down quietly for three minutes. However, FUN THINKERS can grasp his attention and he plays the games with excitement. His abilities of concentration and patience have greatly improved, as did his academic performance

says Mrs. Lau (Heng Fa Chuen)

I have two sons age three and five. They were so excited when they started playing the FUN THINKERS games. I had no coice but to by an extra answering board the following day. They often play games together. Sometimes my eldest son teaches his younger brother. As a result, They are getting closer to each other

says Mrs. Tang (Tsue Wan)

Since Ka-lok started playing FUN THINKERS, he has improved his academic performance and has more confidence in himself

says Mr Kwong(Kowloon Tong)

Hiu-Tong would willingly takeout FUN THINKERS to play, allowing me to have more time to rest at home after a busy working day

Mrs Fong(KwunTong)

our kindergarden has introduced FUN THINKERS as supporting teaching tools this year. The Kids like this teaching format and study with enthusiasm. We are also getting positive response fro parent. Iam really ammazed

says Principal Leung(Admiralty)

I like to use FUN THINKERS as teaching as teaching tools in class. Since its operating format is very interesting, it helps to cheer up te atmosphere in the classroom. Moreover, the contents of the excercise books are arranged in away that difficultly levels are gradually uncreased. As a result, I can Organize my teaching more efficiently and students van gain a better understanding of the contents

says teacher Cheung (Mong Kok)

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 Posted on : July 20, 2016

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