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A Theacher Experience:

Fun Thinkers improves intellectual development through playing games

as a veteran education worker. my experience has told me that cultivating students interest in learning during their early years is a top priority. the reason is siple: you can not “force” a student to achieve excellent academic performance. Over the years, most students attaining school success are enthusiastic learners who have the motivation to learn. As a result, it is very important to spark children’s interest in learning and arouse their passion for studying in their early years, encouraging them to become self – motivated learners.

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However, lack of concrentration is common among small children and it is difficult for them to understand abstract concepts. Sucs distinctive characteristics of small children could hinder the development of their learning abilities. As a result, the design and packaging of the teaching materials must be innovative, amusing and attractive in order to draw their attention an stimulate their interest in learning. It is equally important to arrange the contents into different levels of studies, allowing children to gradually improve their knowledge. The contents should incoporate real life and specifik examples to demonstrate abstract concepts, so that children find it easier to understand. The difficulties of the question should be arranged in balanced manner, encouraging children to tackle callenges whith confidence. Moreover, the teaching tools should require children to use their brain and pactice eye-hand coordination, and thus improve their concentration. and Fun Thinkers has all of it.

Fortunately, at the beginning of this school year I found the Fun Thinkers intellectual development course: a set of teaching materials for young children which meet all the requirement mentioned above. I have introduced it to our kindergarden as supportive teaching tools. this educational progra, which has been thoughtfully designed by the Educational Insights of the United States, is comprised of an answering board and ten excercise books. It covers three subjects: English, Mathematics and Thinking Skills. Every subjects is arranged into three levels, gradually advancing the difficulty level. Its contents not only match the school entrance examinations, but also meet the school curriculum, helping children to lay a solid foundation for school success.

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It works like a wonder when combining the educational contents of the answering board and exercise books. When students work on the question, they are not just using their brain to solve the problem, but also using their hands. As a result, they improve their concentration and absorb knowledge in a more efficient way. Prior the introduction of fun thinkers, i often had to spend some time to maintain discipline in the classroom. Some small kids could not concentrate on their studies. Some even cry or scream in the classroom, making me unable to complete my teaching plans. Things have changed with the arrival of fun thinkers. Students now play the fun thinkers games with a high degree of concentration amd excitement. It really helps to relieve my burden.

Moreover, fun thinkers educational contents are systematically categorized into various subjects and the difficulty levels increased gradually, which help children to better understand and absorb what they have learned. With the addition of an interesting self-checking system,it lets kids study by themselves, strengthening their ability to self-study and think independently. It helps them develop good learning habits, laying a strong foundation for future academic success.

According to my observation, the “Thinking skills” series are the most favorit games among students. I also love this series because this specially designed games are inspiring and help children improve their IQ. Everytime student get the correct answer, I praise them and award them stickers. This makes them proud of themselves and they continue to work on the next question with enthusiasm. Since the contents of this series provide students with different ways to get the right answers, I can encourage students to look at things from different angles. With the assistance of this teaching tool, I can teach students in a more flexible way. That is why i like this series so much.

“if you want your child to play fun games an acquire knowledge at the same time, Fun Thinkers should be your choice. Let your child achieve intellectual development through playing games. You should not wait any longer.”

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 Posted on : August 10, 2016
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