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Parents Comment about FUN THINKERS:

Fun Thinkers combines toys with education contents

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The frst time I encountered FUN THINKERS was at the annual Hong Khong Fair. I was amazed when i say a large exhibition stall surrounded by three to four layers or “human walls” formed by the audience. A great number of people could not get into the stall; They just stood on their toes to look inside. I noticed that almost every parent came out of the stall holding a box of FUN THINKERS. Looking at their happy faces, I became curious about why FUN THINKERS was so popular.

We managed to squeeze into the exhibition stall and had try out on the product. Assisted by the staff,my son quickly understood how to operate and play the games with excitement. I have to admit that FUN THINKERS is an innovative and entertaining toy of children. It’s unique and can easyly capture children’s attentions, instpiring their interest in learning. It requires user to operate a board which ecompasses a great variety of colorfull plates and numeric sequencing tasks. The kids need to use their brains ass well as their hands to play the games. It helps children develop their ability of concentration as they need to focus intently while playing the games. My sin if often hyper and energetic, and can hardly ever sit down quietly. However, when he played FUN THINKERS for the first fime, I was amazed to see him concentrating on playing the games and not giving up!.

As a parent, you would get worried if your child became absessed with a toy. But FUN THINKES is different. it is actually an educational tool being package as toy. It makes children find learning fun rather than boring. When I browsed through its index, I found out that FUN THINKERS is categorized into subjects including English, Mathematics and Thinking Skills. Each Subject content coincided with the primary school entrance examinations. I immediately believed that if my son could acquire knowledge through sucs systematic arrangements right from the early years, he would have a good chance of enrolling into a good pimary school. Having thought about that, I felt relaxed and delighted.

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As my son was so keen to play FUN THINKERS, I decided to make the purchase and bring it home.

As time go by, FUN THINKERS continues to bring me surprise ang joy. My son has been admitted into a reputable primary school because of his outstanding performance at the entrance examination. He has won praises from teachers for his quick thinking, good observation and exelent hand-eye coordination. Even more importantly, he has become enthusiastic learner.

I am very gratefull to FUN THINKERS. It makes me realized that the intellectual development and school success can be achieved through playing games.

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 Posted on : August 1, 2016
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