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How To Use Fun Thinkers

1. Open the Fun Thinkers book to the lesson you want to do.

2. Open The Fun Thinkers Match Frame Box. Place it over the Lesson. Make sure that the windows in the match Frame Box fit exactly over the squares in the lesson.

Fun Thinkers grolier

3. place tiles 1-16 in order, number side up, in the windows in the left hand side of the match frame

Fun Thinkers grolier

4. Read the directions on the top of the left hand side of the page.

Fun Thinkers grolier

5. pick up the tile marked 1 and look at the picture square you uncovered

fun thinkers grolier

Fun Thinkers grolier

6. Find matching picture or answer on the right hand page and place tile 1, number side up, in that window

Fun Thinkers grolier

7. repeat this step for each of the other 15 tiles

Fun Thinkers grolier

8. Close the Match Frame Box firmly and turn it over. You will see four rows of colored tiles

Fun Thinkers grolier

9. Check to see if you have answered the questions correctly. Compare the pattern of colored tiles in your Match Frame with the answers printed on the upper right corner of each lesson.

Fun Thinkers grolier

10. after you have checked your answers, try the “More To Do” activity!

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 Posted on : July 19, 2016
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